Working together with Dover Town Centre Management, local website developers Whyte Studio have created a range of starter packages for businesses in the area to discover how they can promote themselves online.

Intended to make the process as easy and affordable as possible, this program provides the ideal opportunity to make the most of the Internet and what it has to offer.
Starter Pack 1 : DoverLife Web Page

A 'first step' into the world of online promotion - a web page about your business, featured on the DoverLife website. With the added benefit of being part of an established and successful website, this option includes your own web page and email addresses, for less than £1 per week.

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Starter Pack 2 : Business Web Page

Your own web page, independent of DoverLife, this option is a great way to start promoting your business online. Ideal if you are considering a website for your business, but would like to trial a smaller, less expensive project first.

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Starter Pack 3 : Business Website

A 4 page website which allows for detailed information about your business. This option provides a full website solution to get you started online, and can easily be developed at a later date to add newer information or more facilities.

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For more information about the above offers, or if you are interested in a more substantial web development, please contact Whyte Studio by email, or visit their website at
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