I am unsure when a scrapyard was first established at the Eastern Docks, Dover, but certainly by around 1915. It was then owned by Wilfred Shirvell of Guernsey until 1926, when it became A O Hill Ltd. In 1931, under the directorship of Mr E P Hills, it was known as Dover Industries Ltd. Finally in 1964, Dover Harbour Board required the land to develop the car ferry terminal and the business ceased.

The main business was the dismantling of ships, machinery and large plant. By 1926 there were 800 men employed there and the yard occupied almost all of the Eastern Docks. Many of the ships were naval ships from First World War. This included HMS Glatton, which in 1918 was moored in the Harbour. A fierce fire broke out, threatening the after magazines (forward magazines had been flooded). If the ship was to blow up, the whole Fleet and parts of Dover would have been affected, and therefore it was decided to sink the vessel by torpedo!!! This was done with, unfortunately, some loss of life.

Other ships included:

HMS Colne - 4 November 1919
HMS H 12 Submarine - April 1922 - Submarine
HMS Indomitable - 30 August 1922
HMS Pomone - 25 October 1922
HMS Temeraire - 1 December 1921
HMS Superb - 12 December 1922
HMTB No. 87 - 27 March 1920 - Torpedo Boat
HMPMS Lingfield - May 1923 - Paddle Minesweeper
HMS Swiftsure - 18 June 1920
HMS Duncan - 18 February 1920
HMS Vengeance - 9 January 1923
HMS St Vincent - 1 December 1921
HMS Codrington - 1920s
HMS Victorious - April 1923
Empire Longford - 18 January 1953
War Sepoy - Tanker

Built by Wm. Gray, and launched on 5 December 1918, War Sepoy was completed on 6 February 1919 for Shipping Controller, and managed by Anglo-Mexican Petroleum Co, London. In 1921 she was transferred to Admiralty, and in 1936 the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. War Sepoy was damaged and burnt out during an air attack at Dover on 19 July 1940. She was filled with concrete, towed into position within the western entrance, and sunk as a blockship on 7 September 1940. Disposal commenced on 2 May 1950, and the entrance was opened again on 26 April 1964.

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