A meeting of the Executive Council was called on the 21st Aug 1920 at the Fratton Hotel Portsmouth, to formulate a fresh programme, review the work of organisation and propaganda, to complete Rules, decide upon design for Association Badge, etc. Trouble with certain members of the London Branches arose, but was amicably settled. The heavy organising expenses had left a debt balance of 30 to the General Secretary up to this date, this amount it was decided should be made good by levy on Branch funds, Dover Branch forwarding the sum of 2:8:4 to help wipe out the debt. During this first year Branch membership was never higher than 35, several members re-joining the Active Service. Several gifts from past R.F.R. men who had attained benefit of the increased 100 gratuity were made and otherwise Branch levies, maintained the work of the Branch.

The commencement of the second year faced the Branch with unemployment of several members, and increased considerably owing to the closing down of the Admiralty Dockyard, however most members obtained employment with the ship-breaking firm who had leased the dockyard from the Admiralty, others were helped by the Grand Fleet Fund to find employment and one found employment at the pits. Many matters concerning the welfare of the Association, left over at the last Executives Council meeting, caused the General Secretary to summon an Executive Council meeting in January 1921 at the Veterans Club in London, the chief concern at the time being the large number of members in various Branches becoming unemployed, it was decided to place the matter before the Admiralty at the earliest opportunity. About this period the country was being faced by grave dangers, both national and international, resulting in the calling up of the Reserves in April. During this period April to June whilst mobilised, Mr Brigham & Mr Preston of the Dover Committee arranged meetings of R.F.R. men through the Battalion in which they were stationed at Hull, subsequently arranging meetings at Aldershot amongst the 5 Battalions of R.F.R. men transferred there, in conjunction with Mr James Gen Sec, the result of these meetings recruited 471 new members, for all Branches of the Association; forwarding the sum of 71 to General Funds.

The demobilisation left Mr Brigham in hospital; and although attempts were made by the Chairman Mr C Davis to revise the Dover Branch; it was not until the return of the Secretary; that propaganda and a Grand Rally was commenced that the Dover Branch returned to normal, finding many more members unemployed, chiefly through a lock-out in the Dockyard, and in other cases loss of employment through having been called up. The Admiralty, having been asked to receive another deputation, this took place on Oct 3rd 1921, the question of unemployment of R.F.R. men was dealt with at considerate length as the most urgent problem to be solved, the deputation being received by the 2nd Sea Lord Admiral (illegible name) and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty and other representative officials of the Admiralty. Various schemes were put forward by the representatives of the deputation, Mr James Gen Secretary making a special appeal to the Admiralty to undertake ship-breaking in the naval yards, also the requests not previously granted by the Admiralty were again put before the Admiralty representatives, the 2nd Sea Lord promising to do all in his power to assist R.F.R. men to obtain employment, congratulated the representatives upon their clear manner of conducting their case.

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