The result of this deputation was a special offer made by the Board of Admiralty of 1,000,000 tons of shipping for sale, on easy instalment plans to firms of good standing who would expressly undertake to employ a number of R.F.R. men, stipulated in the contract notes. This offer was made public on Oct 8th, 5 days after the deputation had been received by the Admiralty representatives. Immediately Mr Brigham got in touch with the Stanlee S&S Co, who taking advantage of the offer, were putting in tenders for 200,000 tonnes of shipping to break up at Dover & Felixstowe. Interviews with the Joint Managers, led the Dover Branch Committee to seek assistance from all Branches to back up the Stanlee Cos tenders, and resolutions were forwarded to the Sec of Admiralty, and interviews arranged with the Director of Naval Contracts, and 2nd Sea Lord, Mr James & Mr Brigham making a special journey to London to impress the advantages of this contract being signed, resulting in a total tonnage of 130,000 tonnes allocated to the Stanlee Co. A further result of this deputation was the granting of the Proportionate Benefit todate of 5 a year for each years continued service, in case of death before qualifying, to be paid to the next-of-kin, dated back in April 1921.

This brings us to the third year Nov 1921-22. As the ships were made ready by the Admiralty for removal to Dover and Felixstowe, Mr Brigham found the crews from unemployed R.F.R. men to fetch the ships round, eventually absorbing all the unemployed members permanently on the ships to break them up in the Dockyard. The only unpleasant incident which took place was when the Vengeance broke adrift in the Channel from her tugs, it being known of the scarcity of food onboard, Mr Brigham made a special and urgent appeal to the Company to send out a provisioned search ship, the Dudge belonging to the Salvage Section of the Company was provisioned and dispatched, news being received shortly afterwards of the safety of the Vengeance, a representative of the firm was immediately sent to Cherbourg to look after the interests of the men, which was done, the safety of those onboard being communicated by Mr Brigham to their relatives. Several new member were recruited during this period chiefly of the A class and past members of Bel. most of which were unemployed; the means of getting these members work was slow; but gradually every unemployed member was employed 56 in all.

A very successful social evening was held at Christmas 1921, ably drawn together by Mr J Davis & Lawson, of talented artists, the object of which was to give a benefit to the Sec but owing to the heavy expenses which the Branch had had to face; the Sec surrendered the Benefit to the Branch Funds. Many new schemes about this period were entered into with the Grand Fleet Fund to obtain employment for R.F.R. men; all the principal employers of labour in Dover being solicited to co-operate, unfortunately nothing has been gained up to the present from these sources. Negotiations were opened up with Stevenson & Co ship-breakers of Dover; who were anxious to obtain some small craft to break up in Dover, tenders were obtained and ready to be forwarded, awaiting a financial backing, which at the very last minute failed, thus ending any help for R.F.R. men from that direction.

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