Upon retiring with my colleagues I wish to express my appreciation for constant co-operation with the Chairman Mr C Davis, Mr Preston, Smith, Hullest, Twist, J Davis & Mr Wordsall, members of the Committee who have served continuously with me during the past 3 ½ years and have always been ready and willing to assist me to carry on the work of the Dover Branch. I also thank all the members for their support during this period.

I now have much pleasure in passing a hearty vote of confidence in our new Chairman Mr Reynolds, Hon Secretary Mr Lelliot, and in the following members of the new Committee: Mr Naylor, Maple, Sualy, Laugley, Twist, Tones, Burr, C. Davis, Presertt & Castle.

A few facts and figures in 3 ½ years work.

141 General Meetings have been held in Dover
38 Committee Meetings
10 meetings held during mobilisation
189 Total meetings
2 Deputations have been attended to Admiralty
1 Deputation with Mr James at Admiralty re ship-breaking
6 meetings of the Executive Council have been attended in Portsmouth, London and Birmingham
25 contributed articles by the Sec have appeared in Dover Express
8 East Kent News & Canterbury Chronicle
5 Thanet Times
1,041 letters have been written
129 newspapers have been sent out for Propaganda
62 cases have been taken up concerning service matters, prize money, clothing allowance, medals, etc representing at least 350 recovered for members
41 cases of distress have been forwarded to the Grand Fleet Fund, representing 175 distributed by this Fund up-to-date
180 quarterly reports have been forwarded to outlying members
119 jobs have been found for 56 members not including 14 members recruited back to the R. Navy
135 members have been enrolled, total number not more than 3 months in arrears at the end of 3rd year: 49

Author: Alfred Jackson Brigham
Submitted on: 24/05/2006
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